America’s Finest City

Hi there. It’s been a while…

Well we moved, again! We’ve been in San Diego now for just under a month and it’s SO sunny! I literally forgot that it was February the other day.

Rewind: Bryan and I left Washington, D.C. (by car) and drove for two days back-to-back to go to Texas for Christmas break. It was so nice to have a solid three weeks off when we had been running around like crazy the last month we were there, trying to get everything situated before a big move. So basically all of our stuff is in storage and we brought with us 4 suitcases and a “portable kitchen” which included a crock-pot, rice cooker, measuring cups, a mixing bowl and some Ziploc containers.

Christmas was great. Lots of relaxing. Lots of movies. Lots of food. Lots of family time. I started a new semester in school and that continues to keep me busy. I think I can finally see the end in sight. I have about 3 semesters left and then I can say that I have a degree. Really looking forward to that day. I’ve been thinking more about what I want to do after I graduate and I think I have some plans in the works that I’m really excited about.

Bryan had to fly back to Maryland for training before the new year started and I had the responsibility of getting the car to San Diego. Luckily, I persuaded my dad to come with me and we had a great time just talking. We stopped in New Mexico the first night and then drove through Tuscon and on to San Diego the next day. I can’t remember the last time my dad and I talked (just me and him) so it was awesome that we had long, interrupted hours where we could just chat!

The next morning, my dad left and I picked up Bryan at the airport. We got ourselves situated in our hotel room and spent most of the day unpacking and running around to get groceries and cleanings supplies and a few other items. Bryan is doing his rotations for the first 4 months at the Naval Medical Center near Balboa Park. He started off with ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) surgery and has now moved on to Orthopedics. I think he really likes it but it’s long hours and he works about 6 days a week with the occasional overnight shift. I’ve had to get creative and find ways to entertain myself so I’ve been attending some free fitness classes on base which are a lot of fun. I really like the cycling ones. I could see myself really getting into that. Maybe someday we’ll get bikes. I’ve also be reconnecting with one of my old college roommates, Casey! Her and her husband live in the area while he is going to law school. It’s been so nice knowing at least one person here. We’ve gone out to dinner a few times with them and Casey and I go to yoga together twice a week! Just the other morning, we went on a temple/breakfast date which was a great way to start the day.

I feel like we’ve actually done a lot of things since we’ve been here. We explored the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park which were lots of fun. Bryan gets in free (military perks) and I bought a year pass for a great deal so we can go whenever! The Safari Park has a really cool “African Safari” like tour on this ginormous piece of land where they have tons of different animal species all living together in harmony. I guess the Safari Park is really focused on breeding and conservation so it’s not like a typical zoo. They have a Cheetah Run and all sorts of activities/shows. We saw a baby tiger feeding which was probably the coolest part. We’ve also explored La Jolla a little and Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve which have some of the most beautiful beaches. We saw some wild sea lions at La Jolla and got some great pictures of them. We’ve also gone over to Coronado Island which has a world famous hotel and some amazing views. For my birthday dinner, we ate at an amazing Italian Pizzeria which was to die for. I don’t think anyone spoke English there. The food is really good. There’s so much diversity and culture here which really gives variety to the food. I’ve made a list of all the restaurants I want try but I don’t even think we’ll get to half before we have to leave!

We’ve had a lot of fun so far but it’s certainly been an adjustment. I spend more time in our hotel room than out and not having a kitchen has been a struggle but we’re making it work. We have a community kitchen down the hall that we can use but I’m not gunna lie, it’s a little gross. So I’ve been preparing food on our little desk and playing Tetris in our mini fridge. We really only have time on Saturdays and sometimes Friday nights to go exploring and do fun things together but I am really grateful that we have this opportunity to travel and live in some great places.

When we first moved in, we were in a different building on the first floor and I swear I found close to 10 cockroaches over the course of 2 weeks. They let us move rooms though and we haven’t seen a cockroach since so maybe it was just that room but it was terrifying… Eek! They must like the climate.

Best thing about San Diego: Weather, beaches, and food

Worst thing about San Diego: Driving, parking, and $$$