Onto Bigger and Better Things

I’ve been holding in my feelings (especially excitement) for a while now. I think it’s safe to announce that we are moving!

Bryan is now in his second year of medical school and will be rotating at 3 different hospitals next year. First stop, San Diego, California. I am sooo excited for a milder winter. We’ll see how the weather actually turns out because El Nino is certainly brewing! We aren’t sure exactly where or what our living conditions will be but the Air Force takes good care of each other so I’m feeling alright. Essentially, we will be living in a hotel room for the entire time we will be there. I am actually a little depressed about the whole food situation. I won’t be able to cook much and that’s one of my favorite things to do. Plus, eating out at least 5 times a week is going to kill me. I’ll probably resort to the Whole Foods salad bar and hole-in-the-wall taco shops. Maybe berries and microwave eggs for breakfast. Who knows! Luckily, we will be supplemented too so we aren’t paying much out of pocket for food. I’m mostly excited to explore the area (especially Coronado) and maybe even hit up an Ellen DeGeneres show. I’ll still be taking a full load of classes which will keep me busy but I plan to be on the beach at least once a week.

After San Diego, we will be headed to good ‘ole San Antonio, Texas. I have a feeling I’ll be driving home… A LOT. A home and a kitchen and a dog sounds nice right about now. Bryan will make sure we spend time on the River Walk and go to a Spurs NBA game. I am also a little depressed that Bryan is going to be even busier than he is now. Medical school sounds bad but it’s a lot more rough than you think. Being a spouse to a medical student is not an easy task (but it sure is worth it). I am jealous of all of you out there who get to spend more than 3 hours a day with their spouse or family. Take advantage of that time. It is so precious! Luckily, I will have my parents and sister close by so I’m not TOTALLY alone, ha ha! Most of the Air Force residencies are in San Antonio so maybe we will even be back after Bryan graduates. I’m secretly hoping we will be able to explore more of the world overseas but there’s never a guarantee when you’re in the military. We have no input whatsoever…

Lastly, we are going to Honolulu, Hawaii! OK, I have to admit I’m ecstatic for this one. Who doesn’t want to be surfing on Thanksgiving day? Or hiking a volcano in their backyard? I have a long list of things I gotta do here because I doubt we will ever have this opportunity again. I mean, it could happen again… My friend is going to Guam for 2 years. She also lived in Italy before that so I’m hoping we get some of her luck. The downside is that we will have no car here. Oh, I forgot to mention that we are driving. Driving from Maryland to San Antonio for Christmas and then Bryan has to fly back to D.C. for training and then flies to San Diego. My dad is driving with me from San Antonio to San Diego in two days and then flying to Miami from there for a work conference. I am so thankful it worked out that way because I don’t feel comfortable driving alone for 2 days straight! Anyways, it’s kind of a crazy mess but it’s forcing me to be more laid-back because the military controls us and there’s nothing I can do about it! I hope our little car holds up through all of this. She’s old but she sure is reliable for her age. Bryan randomly had to change the radiator hose the other day because it had a leak. I didn’t even know he could do that. He surprises me every day.

Well, we are definitely welcoming visitors all next year…

Half of me is excited for this change but the other half of me is terribly worried. My anxiety is trying to take over. The unknown is hard for me sometimes. I just like to “know” everything and not be kept in the dark. But this is going to be (and already has been) a huge learning experience for me and will shape me in many ways, I’m sure. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I grew up moving all over the place. I am used to this so why should I be worried? It’s actually hard for me to imagine being in one place for a long time. I’m conditioned to moving every few years that I’m almost expecting it now. I’m always wondering what the next adventure is going to be. Thankfully, I have Bryan and the Lord with me. I have an odd memory. It’s not really a memory I guess but a thought that I had as a child. I remember telling myself that I wanted to marry a man in the military someday and live on the East coast. I think I got my two wishes!

We will soon be packing up our stuff and chucking it in storage for the year. Only a month left. Yikes!

On a different note… This has been on my mind lately.


I love this quote but I also love that this can be applied to so many other situations like our spiritual well-being or emotional well-bring. Maybe trying to gain someone’s trust or forming a habit. Most things in life do not come exactly when we want them to even though America is all about “instant gratification”. The only thing that’s going to come when you want it to is fast-food. And even then, it’s not fast enough. Patience is a great quality to develop in all areas of our lives. This week I’m going to focus on a few areas to be more patient in.

See you soon.


2 thoughts on “Onto Bigger and Better Things

  1. Madison,
    I am always so uplifted by your posts and am so grateful that we are family! Everytime there is a post, I so excited to steal away for a few minutes and catch up.
    I love you!


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