Adios, October!

Wow! It’s almost been a month since I last posted. Time really does fly.

This month has been filled with birthdays! My sister, my dad, and my grandmother were celebrated three days in a row. I have been feeling extra nostalgic and grateful the past few days and have been wishing I could spend time with my family. I think the holiday season does this to me.

Some health updates: Bryan is a sick boy with a cold. He’s gone through about 10 cups of tea in 3 days. He’s a trooper and still working and studying hard even through his stuffy nose and achy body! We both got flu shots. Well, Bryan got the shot but I inhaled the live vaccine! I didn’t even know that was an option but apparently is had been around for a while. I’m glad I can avoid needles now.

I tried acupuncture for the first time this month and received a second treatment a few days ago. It actually has done miracles for me. My tension headaches are almost completely gone and my anxiety and stress levels have dropped drastically. Also, my mood has been unusually high which I’m sure Bryan is pleased about, ha ha! About 4 out of 5 people respond to acupuncture. It’s not for everyone and should really be used as a temporary aid and not long term but it’s worked for me and I’m super pleased about it. Acupuncture can treat everything from stomach aches to addictions. Many students at Bryan’s school use it to help reduce stress. I get 3 needles placed in three spots on each ear and let them fall out on their own (about 6 days). Most of the pain is not when they are inserted, it’s when I forget they are in my ears and I have an itch… Ouch! But the needles are tiny. I mean, really tiny. I can barely hold one between two fingers. I am also seeing a counselor at the Behavioral Health Center once a week to figure out the root cause of my stress and anxiety and to formulate a treatment plan for managing and controlling it. Lots of doctor appointments.

We’ve tried some great recipes lately. Foil-baked salmon, crock-pot butternut squash soup, chicken enchiladas, homemade wassail and overnight oatmeal! I’ve been bad at taking photos but here are the links to the recipes:

*All photos taken from links above

General Conference was amazing, as always! I am looking forward to studying the talks.

My mom is coming to visit in only 2 WEEKS! I can’t wait for that either.

There are many things to look forward to this time of year. Oh, and all the leaves are bright yellow, orange, and red. Just beautiful. Nature reminds me that I’m happy to be alive and enjoying each day.

Till next time.


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