A New Semester

I love online school. Not only because I can do it on my own time (sort of) but it forces me to work on my personal time management skills. It’s definitely a different experience compared to being in a classroom with hundreds of other students but I have really learned to love it and I gain so much from it, more than I ever thought I would. However, I am going to be very busy for the next 4 months.

I think I’m the most excited for Personal Health & Fitness. I’m hoping it will be my “fun” class, something I enjoy that doesn’t feel like work. I also feel like I’ve plateaued in regards to my personal fitness so I’m going to use this class to try to get through that. I’m also taking General Microbiology, Book of Mormon (first half), Introduction to Healthcare Administration, and Communicable & Non-Communicable Diseases. I’m slightly overwhelmed because I’m not able to cut back on my work hours but I know that everything’s going to work out just fine.

Bryan and I just celebrated our 6-month anniversary! When I say celebrated, I mean I spent half the day working and Bryan was studying for a midterm till dark. Ha ha! We were lucky to get out to dinner with Larry the next day and spend a few hours relaxing, chatting, and eating some yummy food. After Bryan’s midterm tomorrow we are going to go out to dinner, just us. There is a new shopping center that was just finished down the street and we are going to check out &pizza (click to see their menu). It’s a modern pizzeria where you can create your own personal gourmet pizza with unlimited toppings. I love having a companion who shares my love of pizza. He truly is the greatest. I feel very (overwhelmingly) blessed to have met the greatest guy for me with so many goals, personal commitment and drive, the kindest and softest heart, and an unshakable testimony. He keeps me rooted and level-headed. He makes me stronger and more capable and just loves me for who I am. I am literally laughing 95% of the day because of him. Gosh, he’s the best. I can’t help but post some throwback pictures from our wedding day… and then I’ll stop with the mushy stuff.

Anniversary, check.

I was running late for work one day and I had to come up with a lunch in 10 minutes but I did it and here’s what I ate:

The quality of this picture doesn’t make it look very appetizing. Don’t be fooled though… It is delicious. I threw together some leftover cooked quinoa, roasted (in cumin, chili powder, salt + pepper) sweet potatoes, a can of black beans, and a hard-boiled egg. This has already become my go-to, last minute lunch for most days of the week. It is healthy, filling, gluten-free, and easy.

Recipe of the week, check.

I know everyone is raving about the BYU football game against Nebraska and now Boise State and believe me, I was pleasantly surprised. One of the highlights of my time in Provo was going to those games. There’s a ton of energy and it’s just plain fun. I’m jealous of all my BYU-attending cousins/sister. I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree but left the “college experience” early. Bryan still tells me regularly how much he loved BYU and he is still great friends with the same group of guys he met his freshman year. It’s the perfect environment for making new friends, learning and discovering things about yourself, working on your personal testimony, and having fun. There aren’t really any experiences like it after it’s over and I wish that I maximized my time spent there.

Anyways, my sister’s birthday is on Thursday and I want to give an early shout out to her. Happy birthday, Lex! You’re an awesome girl and I love you lots. I wish I could be with you in Provo. I always told myself that I was going to room with my sister in college and am a little sad that that didn’t work out. I still have one of the best roommates though!

And lastly:

Conference Quote

I’ve had this quote on my mind a lot today and I’m going to do my best to keep it in the front of my mind this week. I have a long ways to go but I’m going to make it a goal to replace some of the good things I do with something better and the better things with the best, and most important. Life is distracting in all kinds of ways. It’s almost like life doesn’t want us to think about our families anymore or to set aside some quiet time to ponder and study and pray. It’s so full of “stuff” and I believe that life just needs to be simplified.

Ta ta for now!


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