Adventures with Ashley and a NEW Blog Name

Spending a week with Ashley, my cousin, was just what I needed for my last little bit of summer fun before things get serious. We spent four solid days running around the city exploring cute, little French restaurants, gazing at hundred year-old paintings, touching the monuments of our Founding Fathers and walking. Lots of walking. I especially loved visiting the Arlington Cemetery on Sunday. Six hundred twenty-four acres of white marble headstones on rolling hills sit quietly on the waters of the Potomac. It almost seems like they made a mistake putting a cemetery so close to a bustling city but it was very peaceful. We visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where guards watch it twenty-four hours a day. Opposite the tomb is the Memorial Amphitheater where special services are performed three days a year on Easter, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. The sunlight peeked around each pillar in the circular amphitheater as we walked around in the early evening. There was a lot of reverence there and I loved feeling that with Ashley and Bryan.

I think Georgetown was Ashley’s favorite. A popular college town and historic neighborhood with hundreds of shops and restaurants makes for a great spot. Right on the water, Georgetown has lots of boats, kayaks, and paddle boards available for the enjoyment of it’s many visitors. A lot of Washington, D.C’s architecture is neoclassical, inspired by ancient Greek and Roman styles, especially on Capitol Hill. It almost feels like you have been transported to another country!

We also visited the National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Library of Congress, National Archives, National Harbor, The United States Capitol, and Bureau of Engraving and Printing. What a week it was!

When I originally created this blog, my intentions for it weren’t very set in stone. I thought I wanted it to be a food blog but I can never remember to take pictures when I cook (oops!). I also thought I wanted to post tips on exercising/healthy eating/whatever but I discovered that I don’t have much of a collection of tips yet… Over the past few months, Bryan and I have had a lot of experiences, good and bad. I am trying to develop more of a positive attitude, like Bryan has about everyyyythinggggg. He’s a good example. Through these experiences and as we have been planning for the future, we have learned to find ways to be happy. We’ve had to create our own happiness, in a sense. So, I decided to rename this blog from The Healthy Nut to Homemade Happiness, because happiness is individual and different for each person. I still might occasionally post a new recipe that I love or my favorite workout of the week (these things make me happy too) but I want to focus more on the life experiences, events and even little moments that bring me (us) happiness on a daily basis.

Lastly, I added a new feature to the blog! If you are viewing my blog on a computer/desktop, refresh your page, look to the far right and scroll down a tad (below the calendar) and you’ll see a place where you can subscribe to new blog posts via email. If you sign up, you’ll be notified through email every time I post something new. If you are viewing my blog on a tablet or phone then you can find this widget at the very bottom of the page and sign up the same way.

See you soon!


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