Attention! I just added a new link to the menu at the top of the home page titled “Links”. This page is going to be a list of only the top sites that I use to get my healthy eating tips, recipes, great workouts, outfit inspiration, and any other info. I will update this periodically with the links to sites I write about in the blog.

FYI: I also added a calendar to the sidebar. The days that I post will be highlighted navy blue on the day of the month that it was posted.

OK – Updates!

Lots has been happening lately. Two weeks ago, Bryan finished his neurology module which was a killer. Hooray! We celebrated by taking the whole weekend off from work/school. We went to the National Zoo (which is free, by the way) and to the National’s Park for some good ‘ole baseball. Bryan loves the Atlanta Braves and they were playing the Nats that weekend so naturally we HAD to go. He also caught me a baseball during batting practice.

                           Summer is approaching quickly over here. We are feeling the heat and humidity as the temperatures are climbing into the 90’s. Luckily, the pool opens this weekend.

Last week, Bryan and I had to speak in sacrament meeting. I spoke about how service brings us closer to Christ and Bryan related the parable of the talents with service. I think we both learned a lot as we prepared that week. Doesn’t it always work like that? We also serve in the Primary now. Bryan teaches Valiant 11 and I teach the 4-year-old kiddos. It’s seriously a lot of fun. All my kids want to do is talk, eat fruit snacks, and color. They are good listeners though and are all really smart.

For as much as I try to exercise and eat right, I still have health problems (a “nice” reminder that I’m still human). I’ve been to the doctor a few times now to try to get some things sorted out. Luckily, we’ve discovered that 99% of the issues are related to my mental health and not physical health. It’s crazy how our brains control so much of what and how we feel. I’ve had severe nightmares for the past 2 months… not fun. I’m still suffering when I’m the passenger in a car from a car accident I was in last year. I can’t handle being in a car with someone else when I’m not driving! Other things like regular stress and anxiety are bothering me as well. I am struggling to find the happy place with my diet. I am sensitive to almost all processed foods. I generally try to stay gluten-free but I can handle some foods like sourdough bread, granola, and pita chips. It’s really by trial and error that I find what I can and can’t eat. There’s really no use in going to the doctor for that when I know my body the best.

We also went to the temple this past week. We love the temple. It’s seriously the best place on earth. Nothing is better than being with your spouse in the temple. 


My old college roommate and her husband are coming into town this weekend. I’m excited to see them and spend some time doing touristy things around the city!


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