There’s not much I can do to decorate in a tiny apartment but I wanted to share a fun, little DIY project I did last week.

I found some plain, wooden letters at Target for $3.99 a piece (I bought 3) and the coral and light blue satin acrylic paint was also from Target at $1.99 a bottle. The lake fog Martha Stuart acrylic paint is from JoAnn’s and was $2.49 along with the paint brush set at $5.99. The total on this project was less than $25 and only took me about an hour to do because of drying time!






The letters didn’t require any sanding so I just painted away! A thin coat of paint took about 10-15 minutes maximum to dry. The bottle instructions say to wait an hour in between coats but I didn’t wait that long and I still had good results. I used some paper towels and packing paper that I had around the house to paint on. After about 3 quick coats of paint, they were done! Easy! 

If you wanted to, you could add a top coat to seal the paint and give it a shiny look but I liked the matte finish so I skipped the top coat.




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