Life has been on the crazy side lately. Bryan and I were married on March 10th in the Draper Temple, we spent two nights in Midway for a miniature honeymoon, the next day we flew to Maryland and here we are – spending hours in Target trying to buy everything for our little apartment (literally, it’s only 700 square feet). We are in a high-rise around lots of shopping and people and the train. It’s especially great in the middle of the night… Let me tell ya. Maryland really does feel like home. It’s a beautiful place with lots of character and diversity. Life is so great being with someone you love this much… All the time! I am anxious to post pictures from the big day. That will be a post a little later on. Here are a few from recent events: 

Our messy apartment is coming together. Pictures of the final product will be posted! It sure is fun having your own little home. 

Focusing on the positive things and laughing with each other keeps us going. 


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