Wrapping Up

Cannot believe we are leaving San Diego in two weeks!

I finished my final exams on Friday so I’m enjoying a short break until a new semester begins. Bryan is almost done with his OB/GYN rotation and will leave soon to take some tests back in Maryland.

We went to Sea World recently which was a great day and then my sweet cousin Ashley came into town and I really enjoyed spending some time with her before she leaves for Peru.

This past weekend we were able to see Bryan’s parents! They drove down from Irvine to meet us in La Jolla for lunch. We ate at The Taco Shop. There’s this thing called a California burrito that’s filled with french fries and sauce and other fillings… and holy smokes! It was so good! Then we walked around La Jolla Cove and watched the sea lions play in the water for a little bit. Afterwards, we drove down to the base and showed them our hotel room and also the pier where all the Navy ships are in port.

We walked and talked for a while and then Gaye asked some gentleman on watch if we could get a tour of one of the ships. After a few minutes and some phone calls, they said yes! It was a Saturday afternoon, no one was working, and it was pretty deserted so this really was the perfect time to do it. We toured an Amphibious Transport ship called the USS San Diego. One of it’s main purposes is transporting Marines. It was so neat to be able to get a glimpse into the lives of these seamen. Many of them are going on deployments for 3 years or more at a time when they have families at home. It looks like exactly what you see in the movies. Really small and narrow hallways with cords and pipes lining the walls and ceilings. We saw the bunks, the galley, and the quarterdeck where the captain controls and steers the ship. We also saw a huge hangar that fits a large helicopter which was pretty cool. There is also a “hospital” room on the ship that has a couple of beds and also some exam rooms and a fully functioning dental clinic. There were two operating rooms which a lot of the equipment you’d see in a normal hospital. It’s awesome how self-sustaining a ship can be for some many years out at sea! Anyways, we had a great time on the tour but unfortunately, we couldn’t take any pictures.

We took Gaye and Larry to our favorite Italian place called Buona Forchetta located in North Park, a popular area with tons of restaurants and adorable homes. This was our third time eating at this place, it’s amazing! I got a pizza with pesto, olive oil, ricotta, grape tomatoes, and pine nuts. Yummmm. They also have some house-made fennel sausage that can’t be beat. Man, we are total foodies.

Our weekend with them ended the next morning after we went to church. Larry gave Bryan a father’s blessing which was very sweet. We are so glad they came to visit us!

On another note, we are going on a CRUISE in 3 weeks! This is my first cruise and also my first time out of the country. I’m so excited! We are going to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Falmouth, Jamaica all over the course of 7 days. We don’t think we are going to have another opportunity for a while to go on a vacation together so we are taking advantage of this spring break. Life is getting busier but we are excited to relax and disconnect from everything for a week.

There’s not much else going on with us. We are adapting pretty well to hotel living and are looking forward to moving on to San Antonio soon. It will be so nice being close to my family for a little bit and spending more time with them. It’s been hard to eat well while living in a hotel. We are so limited without a kitchen and all the pots and pans needed to cook but I’ve amped up my exercise routine to hopefully mitigate the effects of all the food, ha ha!

See y’all down south!